Meet Team Guardian Jet: Russ Piggott

By Don Dwyer

October 27, 2020

Meet Team Guardian Jet is a new column that will feature one team member a month.

Today I'd like to introduce you to Lieutenant Colonel Russ Piggott. In addition to serving as our company's Vice President - West Coast, Russ is a Commander of the 194th Fighter Squadron for the California Air National Guard.

Russ Piggott Guardian Jet VP West Coast - Commander 194th squadron - CA

Meet Russ Piggott

In the four years we’ve worked together at Guardian Jet, I have never heard Russ Piggott utter a word that promotes himself or his accomplishments. That’s really saying something for someone with his credentials. 

Russ’s path to aircraft sales is a little more circuitous than most, with him having first served as an Air Force F-16 fighter pilot. In fact, he was the Air Force’s West Coast demonstration pilot, performing low-level aerobatics at more than 60 airshows over the years. Though he doesn’t speak about them, I think he might be even more proud of the half dozen medals he accumulated for combat flying.

Today, Russ exercises his leadership ability as the current Commander of the 194th Fighter Squadron of the Air National Guard, in Fresno, California. In this role, Russ supervises 32 F-15C pilots and three Airmen. The mission of the 194th has two main roles: Worldwide Air Superiority and Homeland Air Defense. 

Family Partnership

The heavy load of managing a full time aircraft sales career and commanding a squadron is shared by Russ’s wife of 11 years, Jennifer. Jennifer is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the California Air National Guard, serving as the base’s Inspector General. Balancing the demands of both jobs and raising two kids keeps Russ and Jennifer as busy as anyone I know. I believe this would be an impossible task without Russ’s positive attitude and boundless optimism.

Russ grew up in aviation, often flying with his father, John Piggott, an active aerobatic pilot on the West Coast airshow circuit. So it was natural that aviation would be the career he pursued after leaving active duty in the Air Force. He already had begun putting his management and leadership abilities to work as a business process consultant and Flawless Execution instructor for Afterburner, Inc. Then he devoted three years to working for our friend, Drew Callen, at Boston Jet Search, which rounded out Russ’s experience before joining us at Guardian Jet.

Team Player

Since coming to Guardian Jet, Russ has flourished. Because of the various products and services we offer, a critical skillset here is an ability to work as a member of a team. I’ve always thought that Russ’s military experience played into the understanding of, and willingness to be a part of, our dynamic. I’m extremely grateful Russ chose Guardian Jet. I’m also very proud to support Russ’s commitment to his country. It truly is an honor to work with him.


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