Financial Projections

Cash Flows, Residual Value Analysis and More

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What are Financial Projections in Aviation?

At Guardian Jet, we partner with you and your finance teams to develop Projections within the context of our Fleet Planning process according to your custom criteria.

Additionally, we can help you:

  • budget for new and replacement aircraft
  • compare the aircraft and fleet options
  • review various financial vehicles and optimal ownership terms
  • determine breakeven on fractional vs. charter vs. whole ownership
  • review the numbers using your custom input 

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Financial Projections

At Guardian Jet, our aviation consultants study various aircraft ownership intervals and timing options through our financial projection process to help you understand what the future looks like. The end result helps with budgeting and capital planning for long-term strategic plans.

Through our understanding of all the costs associated with the ownership and operation of these aircraft over a set term, we can help you best utilize your aviation budget. First, we determine all the different aircraft that can meet your mission.

Then, our clients typically analyze whether to purchase, lease or finance their aircraft. We then apply the financial metrics your company decides is important (e.g., tax rates, net present value and/or residual values, etc.) to determine the real costs to you over the ownership period. 


Custom Aviation Analytics 

Following are just some of the business aviation consulting projects we manage for our Fleet Planning clients. However, it’s not unusual for our clients to present specific financial challenges that require a tailored solution not addressed below.


10-Year Cash Flow

New vs. Pre-Owned

Cash vs. Lease vs. Financing

Residual Value Analysis

Project “buy, fly and sell” life-cycle costs, including operating expenses and capital expenditures modeled to your financial criteria.

Compare the life-cycle cost of ownership of purchasing new aircraft versus pre-owned aircraft over a period of time.

Compare the different options for financing your aircraft to help you understand their impact on your aircraft / fleet plan.

Predict aircraft value in 5 to 10 years (and compare against prevailing economic conditions) with residual value modeling.

Charter vs. Fractional vs. Whole Ownership

Optimal Ownership Period

Part 91 vs. Part 135

Replacement Timing

Determine at what levels of utilization each transportation option makes sense by analyzing life-cycle costs.

Compare the average life-cycle costs of replacing an aircraft every 1 to 15 years to determine the optimal time to own an aircraft.

Understand whether charter revenue will help offset expense (all framed within the context of life-cycle cost and net present value).

Capitalize on aligning market opportunities with your internal opportunities.

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