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Guardian Jet's Managing Partners Don and Mike Dwyer discuss aircraft sales with market researcher Joan Dywer

When it comes to buying a new airplane, Guardian Jet will help you find the right aircraft, for the right price at the right time. Our robust aircraft acquisition process is very thorough and comprehensive.

Guardian Jet is an industry leader in pre-owned and new jet purchases. In fact, more than half of our aircraft brokerage business involves purchasing airplanes on behalf of our clients. We represent the entire spectrum of buyers, from first-time jet owners to Fortune 100 (Part 91) flight departments. 

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Our team of professionals is best suited to purchasing new aircraft in partnership with our clients. Collectively, we have 100+ years of experience working for equipment manufacturers, including Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna, Hawker, Beechcraft, Learjet, Bell, Agusta, Sikorsky and more. 
In conjunction with your aviation team and purchasing department, our stringent Request for Proposal (RFP) process incorporates practical insights and nuances that we have gained from writing hundreds of new aircraft agreements. 


Three reasons to hire us to buy your new jet, helicopter or fleet of aircraft:

  1. You’ll save money.
  2. You’ll have a better transaction when we combine your business expertise with our brokerage experience. 
  3. You’ll save time and gain access to more resources by outsourcing the heavy lifting.

Experience in Aircraft Acquisitions

From the initial search process, to the Offer Letter, the Purchase Agreement, and all the way through the pre-buy inspection and closing, we’ll skillfully manage your aircraft acquisition process, applying the highest ethical standards in the industry. And, we’ll keep you informed throughout, and actively engaged when necessary.

When hiring Guardian Jet to represent you in the acquisition of an aircraft, you are tapping into decades of experience in the turbine market place, and utilizing a highly regimented and proven process developed over the course of many acquisitions.

Each successful aircraft acquisition involves the Guardian Jet’s team: 

The Guardian Jet Difference


Using our robust search tool, discover all available aircraft that meet your mission and budget. Save your favorite options, and compare makes and models to determine which are truly the best.

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Guardian Estimate™

Utilizing Guardian Jet’s Guardian Estimate™ pricing system and our industry-leading Market Surveys, we’ll advise you on the true value of each aircraft on the market, taking the guesswork out of pricing offers.

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Vault Subscription

You’ll receive access to the Vault client portal, free of charge. This means you can track the value of your jet for 365 days, and watch your airplane value move up or down based on current market conditions.

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