What’s My Plane Worth?

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Understanding aircraft valuation is at the heart of everything we do at Guardian Jet. From analyzing and predicting residual values to pricing aircraft competitively, aircraft valuation touches every consulting project we engage in. We provide reliable, transparent aircraft valuation data that you can understand and defend. We accomplish this by using a scientific, data-driven approach, coupled with our industry knowledge and technical expertise. Why is understanding value important? Because so much of your aviation spend is determined by the capital issues surrounding the aircraft.

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Market Survey

One of the things we’re best known for at Guardian Jet is our comprehensive Market Survey of any aircraft. In a nutshell, the Market Survey delivers the current state of a particular aircraft model marketplace. 
The Survey includes all aircraft models for sale, along with what has with which tail numbers were sold in the past six months. Each aircraft receives pluses or minuses for particular items, such as total time, options, location, maintenance programs, damage history, engine overhaul status and general condition. 

A Market Survey provides aircraft market insights including, but not limited to:

Guardian Estimate™
Our proprietary aircraft valuation tool that estimates the sales price of your airplane, based on your model’s features and the current premium or discount the market is trading at. 

Fair Market Value
Provides the calculated aircraft sale price in the current market. The Fleet Fair Market Value includes similar data, and sums up the calculated sales prices of all aircraft in the fleet.

Market Trending Report
Helps forecast aircraft values with historical charting of current and economic conditions. Metrics include the number of aircraft for sale, days on market, monthly sales and more.

Aircraft Appraisals

An aircraft appraisal is an unbiased opinion of the value of your aircraft and its current condition. Similar to a home appraisal, an aircraft appraisal helps you answer the question, “What’s my plane worth?” This is essential information to help you sell your jet. 

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Unlock Your Vault

Want to know your aircraft’s value at any time? Every Guardian Jet client gets free access—24/7. Inside the Vault, plug in details about your airplane and we’ll calculate its current value. This is highly useful information in visual, mobile- and print-friendly format. 

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Analytical Bench Strength

We perform an in-depth review of your aircraft needs compared to the current use patterns to determine whether to buy, sell or maintain the status quo.

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