Aircraft Asset Management

A Five-Year Program to Help You Save Millions

Guardian Jet's Team discussing how the Five Year Asset Management Program can save millions

Five-Year Asset Management Program

At Guardian Jet, we believe an aircraft fleet plan should be a “living” document. Our fleet plans are flexible, giving you the ability to adjust and update your plan following its implementation. 

This is where our 5-Year Asset Management Program comes in. 

Simply put, by working with our analytics team on a regular basis, you save money over time. 

First Comes Fleet Planning, 
Then Comes Aircraft Asset Management

Just how will Guardian Jet help save you money? By partnering with you to actively manage your aircraft assets in a strategic portfolio. 

On an ongoing basis, over the course of five years, our asset management team will help you analyze opportunity-driven decisions. Importantly, you’ll have front-row access to your portfolio with your personalized Vault. Thus, at any given point, you’ll know whether to stay on plan, accelerate the plan, delay the plan or change the plan.

We’ll help you track current fair market values, replacement values and market conditions, letting you make the sort of incremental changes to your fleet plan that can yield exponential savings. 
Our Five-year Aircraft Asset Management Program enables you to:

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