Meet Team Guardian Jet: Casey Crafton

January 31, 2022

Meet Casey Crafton

Being a member of Guardian Jet’s technical team is no easy task. Our aircraft maintenance professionals are often asked to leave at a moment’s notice. Our Technical Services Manager, Casey Crafton, is exceptional at balancing his work in the office, the travel that is asked of him, and his family.

Guardian Jet’s in-house maintenance team is required to perform on-site aircraft evaluations where they go through detailed inspections of the exterior and interior, as well as oversee aircraft pre-buy inspections. Casey joined in November of 2019. He impressed while representing the Guardian Jet brand on-site, and in his client-facing responsibilities providing sound aviation technical advice, market research and key insights.

Extensive Experience

Crafton joined the in-house maintenance team with a wealth of aircraft maintenance experience. He attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. He earned a degree in Aviation management, and an A&P mechanic certificate. Casey then accumulated over a decade worth of aircraft maintenance experience, working for a number on companies. He worked as an assembly technician at Pratt & Whitney in Middletown, Connecticut. Casey also worked on the Embraer Lineage, Embraer Legacy (500, 600 and 650) and Embraer Phenom (100 and 300). Casey’s experience and background in aircraft maintenance are what made him an easy choice when it came to expanding the Guardian Jet team.

Guardian DNA

Balancing the demands of traveling at a moment’s notice and raising three boys at home, might make Casey the busiest member of Guardian Jet’s team. His commitment to his role is never in question as he is always willing to leave for his next test-flight, or aircraft evaluation at the drop of a dime. Casey's can-do outlook makes him the perfect embodiment of Guardian Jet’s culture, we are glad to have him represent the brand with how often he is traveling. 

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