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Aircraft Fleet Planning Demonstrated by Guardian Jet's Alena Shepard

About Fleet Planning

Fleet planning (or capital planning) is about owning the right aircraft model for your needs, the right number of aircraft, based at the right location(s), and then trading the aircraft at the most opportune time.

The process results in a thorough report — with a high-level executive summary —  that we compile based on comprehensive travel, financial and strategic analysis. This data enables your aircraft owner or company to proactively compare different fleet or transportation solution options with that which you currently execute. It also helps to improve plans or change them entirely based on their strategic mission.

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Our Fleet Planning Process

At Guardian Jet, we conduct aircraft fleet planning in a collaborative process with your and your flight department. The planning also incorporates other areas and functions of your company, such as treasury strategy, legal, and tax considerations.

As a part of the process, we incorporate a thorough travel analysis with our financial projections—layered in with the strategic requirements from ownership, your corporate leadership team or aircraft owner. Our analytical team works with you to study your past, present and future expectations, with the goal of matching your fleet to your mission, and at the best price.


Every Guardian Jet plan offers three distinct viewpoints:
Travel, Financial and Strategic.

The outcome is for a long-term framework to maximize your aviation assets, which will help you to meet operational, financial and strategic requirements.



Our consultants will review your current mission and aircraft usage. We'll analyze up to five years of travel history, trends and patterns to predict future options for your fleet.

We will analyze flight time, frequency of use, routes and passenger loading.

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We review a range of possible fleet combinations and compare the total cost of those scenarios in a 10-year cash flow and/or profit & loss analysis.

We'll also take into account your aircraft operating budget, capital issues and tax consequences, in order to provide comparative life-cycle costs.

Included in the financial analysis is a current valuation of your aircraft using the Guardian Estimate™ as a starting point.

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The strategic perspective creates alignment between the senior leadership (or aircraft owner) and the flight department.

At Guardian Jet, we work to ensure that the plan is aligned and consistent with the strategic goals of the company. We do this through learning about the company in interviews, in order to understand how aviation will be used to further the company's goals over the life of the fleet plan.

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Aircraft fleet planning proposal by Guardian Jet

Benefits of Fleet Planning


Enables both the aviation and executive leadership teams to easily assess internal operations, comparing them with those of aviation peers in the marketplace. Benchmarking can help you confirm that your operation is on the right track; it also opens up opportunities to discover and/or improve upon other best practices.

Optimal Timing Ladder

Helps aviation and executive leadership determine how long to operate an aircraft before replacing it.

Opportunistic Savings

Execute a fleet plan that’s in sync with both your corporate strategy and the aviation market can save you millions of dollars over the life of the assets in the plan. 

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The Guardian Jet Difference


Since our founding, we’ve partnered with corporate flight departments to produce hundreds of fleet plans—far more than any other business aviation consultant or brokerage firm in the world.

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Bench Strength

At Guardian Jet, we employ a diverse team of data-crunching MBA holders with a high degree of analytical skills. Their sole purpose is to conduct fleet plans and consulting services for our clients.

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Vault Subscription

With every fleet plan, get Vault access for one-year, free of charge. This allows you to track your jet's value, and watch your Guardian Estimate™ move up or down, based on current market conditions.

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Guardian University

Come to Guardian U for a one- or two-day Fleet Planning 101 course, and learn how to propose and present smart, timely fleet plan changes to your senior leadership team.

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