Vault 2.0: Asset Management/Brokerage Platform to Save Aircraft Owners Millions

By Michael "Doc" Dwyer

September 26, 2017

Guardian Jet’s newly released "Vault 2.0" next-generation asset management/brokerage platform is about to revolutionize the way aircraft owners effectively manage their equipment assets.

It will do so by putting a wealth of fully transparent, real-time information, data and other input at our brokerage clients’ fingertips.


The new Vault 2.0 portal is a bona fide "supertool" that is already helping them save millions.

You might be wondering: "Really? Millions?"

If it sounds too good to be true, below, we’re sharing some real-life case studies culled from our clients’ experiences to help convince you.

But first let’s take a look at what, specifically, the Vault 2.0 portal is designed to accomplish, what it consists of, and, lastly, how it can be harnessed to help optimize aircraft asset management and brokerage services.


"Vault 2.0"

As stated, Guardian Jet’s revolutionary new "Vault 2.0" is a next-generation asset management/brokerage portal designed for our brokerage clients.

Simply put, the new program advancement:

  • Provides crucial knowledge and transparency around high-dollar airplane transactions—two things that are out of whack in the unregulated world of aircraft brokerage services.


  • Delivers the best actionable analytics and insights for more informed decisions—those that are both tactical and strategic that will save clients millions of dollars, with better-timed and executed aircraft trades.


  • Offers real-time, 24/7 online access to asset management and brokerage information, including every financial document and detail regarding clients’ airplanes make and model—simultaneous with those that are received at Guardian Jet. Armed with this information, clients can better understand and optimize aircraft values and the markets for 126 aircraft models, along with replacement options.


Vault 2.0 accomplishes its objectives in 10 important and straightforward ways:

1. Enables access to critical aircraft asset and life-cycle cost metrics to include fleet option calculations that compare to clients’ existing solution.

2. Offers real-time access to current asset value.

3. Provides ability to filter replacement aircraft options and compare model capabilities based on mission and business requirements.

4. Delivers needed information readily, 24/7, with just an internet connection.

5. Provides continuous reviews driven by calendar and opportunity.

6. Offers actionable, simple strategies and tactics driven by clients’ business rules.

7. Provides a confident offense and solid defense regarding whatever market and internal conditions dictate.

8. Helps aircraft owners execute completely transparent trades when the plan calls for it.

9. Invites aircraft owners to partner with the leading fleet solution provider in the world, period.

10. Helps owners evaluate how to pay for the aircraft asset via cash, finance or lease.


Stock Management Comparison

Next, to show you how we’re using Vault 2.0 to save our clients millions, we can illustrate how the program operates by comparing it with the world of investing.

A great analogy for the process comes from Ben Graham, the father of value investing and an inspirational figure for Warren Buffet.

Graham is the author of two widely acclaimed books, Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis.

In them, he identifies two types of investors:

Enterprising Investors - To be an enterprising investor requires a serious commitment of time and energy, which pays dividends by eventually yielding an anticipated return.

Defensive Investors - A defensive investor represents a more passive approach. Working under this label, you must devise a strategy of regularly analyzing funds that protect against risk (or even employ an agent who is an enterprising investor).


Adopting either approach will enable you to invest and manage your aircraft assets in much the same way that a shareholder manages his or her stock portfolio.

You can do so by using a simple, value-oriented, business-like strategy that incorporates a margin of safety and takes advantage of market volatility.

Understanding what kind of investor you are going to be will let you generate the highest return possible given your circumstances.

And by adopting either an enterprising or defensive strategy will differentiate you from an investor and a speculator.

This is not to say that managing a stock portfolio and managing your aircraft assets are one in the same. In fact, when regarded within the investment framework, airplanes share very few characteristics with equity investments.

It is possible, however, by measuring and analyzing critical aircraft asset and life cycle cost metrics, to execute strategies that are consistent with value investing, and that reap similar rewards.

After all, the desired outcome is the same in either scenario: to generate the highest return on your aircraft (or stock) portfolio, one that meets or exceeds your aircraft travel requirements and service expectations.


Case Study Summaries

As promised, for evidence of Vault 2.0’s efficacy, following are a few select case study summaries that highlight the process and its value.

  • As a defensive strategy, an ultra-lone range and helicopter operator engaged an asset management plan, initially to trim a six-aircraft fleet to four. The asset plan not only highlighted which two aircraft to sell, but it also pointed out savings of just under $60 million, if all six aircraft were replaced with new ones in 2010. As a result, the entire fleet of six were swapped, turning a defensive strategy into a decidedly offensive one.
  • A light jet operator wanted to upgrade, but market conditions didn’t meet his expectation of $1 million in cash and his airplane. He engaged in asset management and tracked what then were current aircraft and replacement options until, 18 months later, we found a workable fit for him. (A neutral strategy.)
  • An international large-cabin operator wanted to improve their replacement strategy 25- to 30-year-old aircraft. The goal was to replace in shorter ownership intervals, have zero capital competition among their fellow business units and eliminate residual value risk at the end of the ownership period. He engaged in asset management and employed leasing (a defensive strategy).
  • An operator with a large-cabin fleet sought to "missionize," and match his fleet to existing and future international and domestic missions. The solution was a mix of ultra-long range and super-midsize aircraft, which saved millions in capital and direct operating costs. Executed three years after an asset management engagement, it was characterized as an offensive strategy.
  • Three partners, each with a 150-hour fractional share, wanted to have their own airplanes. Solution was to remain in a fractional environment until each partner had enough demand individually to warrant purchasing three aircraft, (a neutral strategy).


Register for a demo . . . today!

Now that you’ve been introduced to the game-changing power of Guardian Jet’s new "Vault 2.0., it’s time to take the next logical step.

To see how this remarkable new portal-based program can specifically help you save money and increase your asset management and brokerage efficiencies, you can:

  • Ask a Guardian Jet sales representative to schedule a live demonstration.
  • Register for a vault subscription at
  • Visit Guardian Jet at NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (SD24), Oct. 10-12.
  • Call +1 203-453-0800 to schedule a video demonstration.
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