Aircraft Broker - Who Should Buy Your Airplane?

By Michael "Doc" Dwyer

June 21, 2022

If you are in the process of buying an airplane, the assistance of an aircraft broker may be something you are considering. Those who purchase aircraft without a broker open themselves up to the possibility of severely overpaying for an aircraft. Working with a broker can facilitate the deceptively complicated purchase process of buying an aircraft.

A dependable aircraft broker will be able to provide a number of benefits while also saving you money. There are plenty of variables when it comes to aircraft acquisition. Are you a first-time buyer, or are you looking to replace your current aircraft? Are you interested in purchasing a new or pre-owned jet? If you are trying to decide whether or not a broker is necessary to assist in your transaction, it is important to understand what they are capable of doing for you and your aircraft acquisition process.

What is an Aircraft Broker?

A broker, or brokerage, works in partnership with clients and their flight department to carry out the purchase and/or sale of an aircraft. A valuable piece of the transaction, great brokers will provide the insight and tools necessary to complete the process smoothly. Aircraft brokers are engaged from the first point of contact with their client, through the closing, and ultimately the entry of service of an aircraft.

As opposed to a dealer, who typically specialize in a limited number of models, a broker will supply you with information on all aircraft models. The guidance of a market expert will simplify the selection and transaction of an aircraft, while limiting the amount of setbacks.

Acquisition Broker

When buying an aircraft, a broker will consult with you to learn about your desires and requirements regarding your mission. The broker should supply you with the information and resources to get you through the aircraft selection phase. Their experience in locating and closing aircraft can ultimately save you time and money.

By combing through the market, the aircraft broker will explore every applicable aircraft that is for sale. A broker is capable of researching options that are new to the market and even those that are soon to come. When dealing with an acquisition, an they will create a shortlist of contending aircraft to discuss with you as potential options.

Whether you are buying or selling an aircraft, it is beneficial to pursue a highly regarded broker. Remember, the aircraft brokerage business has no licensing or regulated best practices. This can lead widely divergent practices and behaviors. After researching an aircraft brokerage firm, it is best to hear from past clients to learn about their reputation and whether or not they have dealt with the specific category and class of the asset you are looking for.  

Reputable aircraft brokerage firms should have a team that can simplify the entire transaction process. Experienced researchers, pilots, maintenance technicians, contract administration, a highly qualified team with a reliable track record can help you navigate through all aspects of a deal.  

What to Consider When Choosing an Aircraft Broker

There are a number of things to keep in mind when selecting a broker to represent you. There are characteristics and properties that your aircraft broker or brokerage should possess:

  1. Trust – When buying a costly asset such as an aircraft, the entire transaction process should be managed with a degree of expertise. Being able to trust your broker is a necessity. In a mature brokerage industry, transparency makes the difference between a good broker and a great broker.
  2. Competence – There is a varying degree of competency across the field of brokers. Competency is necessary to navigate the regulatory issues within the aviation industry. You want to ensure the aircraft broker you are partnering with has a substantial amount of experience in the category and class of asset specific to your mission. A competent brokerage will contain IADA (International Aircraft Dealers Association) Certified Aircraft Brokers, a desirable brokerage certification earned by the best aviation professionals.
  3. Resources – Once you have found a competent broker that you can trust, examine the resources that they possess. This is an information business, as well as a dynamic market business. You want to make sure that you can obtain that vital information in a refined and comprehensible format.

In this brief video Guardian Jet’s Mike Dwyer discusses why you should be looking at these three factors when deciding between aircraft brokers.

Guardian Jet’s Approach to Brokerage

If you are looking to purchase an aircraft, Guardian Jet can help you find the best match, for a great price, in an appropriate time frame. Aircraft acquisitions make up more than half of Guardian Jet’s brokerage business. As an industry leader in both pre-owned and new jet purchases, Guardian Jet brings an experienced team to every acquisition.

Guardian Jet has a team of aviation professionals well equipped to purchase aircraft in partnership with you. Our team is best suited to:

  1. Save you money.
  2. Provide you with a better transaction by combining your business expertise with our brokerage experience.
  3. Save your time and grant access to more resources.

When partnering with Guardian Jet, you will be provided with genuine market knowledge throughout all stages of the purchase process. Guardian Jet’s team has decades of experience, and can manage the aspects of your acquisition:

  • Initial search process
  • Offer Letter
  • Letter of Intent
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Pre-buy inspection
  • Closing

Throughout the entirety of the process, Guardian Jet will provide the highest ethical standards in the industry with the utmost transparency, to simplify the transaction for you.

Guardian Jet’s Vault is an exclusive online aviation tool that provides you with the tools to elevate your aircraft buying.In this dynamic market, obtaining comprehensible data is immensely valuable. With the Vault, you can stay up to date with the condition of the market in real time. The JetFinder feature allows you to browse through available aircraft that are on the market. Save the models that interest you the most, then compare them to determine which best suits your specific mission.


The acquisition of an aircraft should not leave you regretting your decision to buy an airplane. However, the process of purchasing an aircraft is full of potential hindrances. A dependable aircraft broker will help you avoid those risks, while bringing several benefits that go beyond just saving you money throughout the transaction. If you are purchasing your first or next aircraft, do consider who should be buying it for you. When looking for an aircraft broker to work with, make certain you are selecting someone who is trustworthy, technically, contractually and ethically competent, and can supply you with the resources to complete a smooth transaction, with as few hiccups as possible.

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