Guardian Jet Announces 2022 Achievements

February 28, 2023

At the annual Sales Conference near the headquarters in Guilford, Connecticut, the leadership shared 2022 results and recapped the year’s success.

Having celebrated 20 years in business and surpassing $2 Billion in transactions in 2022, the global team of over 30 aviation, finance, technology, sales and acquisition experts continues to grow. 

Highlights of these achievements are included below, along with insight on what’s yet to come.

2022 Achievements

In 2022, the value of aircraft transacted exceeded $2,000,000,000 and the volume of projects expanded.

  • Acquisitions of aircraft made up 60% of this volume, with strong investment in new aircraft further substantiating Guardian Jet’s valuable relationships with OEMs. As the world’s largest single buyer of new private aircraft, the strength of partnering with Guardian Jet is reflected in their Fortune 100 clientele’s long-standing commitment with the firm. Thus, 5 Year asset management contracts grew alongside this.
  • Sales of exclusive pre-owned listings remained robust across manufacturers and model variations, reaching into helicopters and lighter jets more so than ever before. While volume of transactions increased, the efficiency of Guardian Jet's trading floor reduced the average sales cycle by 47 days, producing results for clients at record speed.
  • Consulting Services continued to be in strong demand, driven by industry leading fleet planning and market intel, as well as enhanced advisory products offered.  

Global Growth

International presence expanded beyond Europe last year, adding offices in Central America, South America, Africa & the Middle East.  

  • Pepe Morales came onboard as VP Mexico & Central America with credentials from top local players and an MBA from PanAmerican Institute for High Business Management (IPADE), reinforcing Guardian’s position to be a front-runner in these markets.
  • Rafael Mugnaini took on VP South America title, already emerging as a leader in this vast market after experience at Brazilian brokerages, Embraer, and a member of the Board of Directors of Brazilian General Aviation Association (ABAG).
  • Marc Strange joined as VP Africa & Middle East, opening the global footprint with his international expertise across markets and history at Embraer, Gulfstream Aerospace, and South African aviation firms.

Bench Strength

North America presence remains strong and seasoned. As the client base grew, the value of strong industry relationships, accurate insights and advisory services remained a top priority.

  • Chris Hancock joined as VP Business Development bringing expertise from Dassault Falcon Jet, Bombardier Aerospace, and Hawker Beechcraft to the team’s sales force, focused on expanding the customer base beyond its traditional clientele.
  • Amber Gardner signed on to advance business development initiatives via marketing and technology channels, drawing upon experience in global portfolio management with JPMorgan Chase, seamlessly evolving into an Aircraft Sales partner for the international team’s scaling.
  • Hunter Tweed, tasked with expanding GJ Consulting outreach, utilizes experience with business development and leadership in the energy sector, as well as an MBA from Quinnipiac University, to advise Fortune 100 & ultra-high net worth clients.
  • Zach Conover came onboard with Consulting to merge financial and analytics experience with highly technical aviation industry intel, excelling with a strong aptitude for client relationships and long-term growth.

Technology Innovation

Technology innovation continued to be a business driver, upgrading Vault 4.0 aviation asset management portal with a full redesign incorporating new features, expanded analytics intelligence and data transparency for clients.

  • Technical Library accesses current estimated costs for inspection schedules, maintenance programs, avionics upgrades, connectivity, cabin management systems, refurbishments, service bulletins and much more, indexed for each model.
  • Knowledge Center delivers in depth information on every topic that affects the evaluation, acquisition, operation, and disposal of aircraft.
  • Performance Center allows for evaluation of an aircraft’s capability to meet a mission based on what the client wants to fly, to where, with how many passengers, and when.  
  • Legal Library provides an insider view into legal procedures, regulations, documents, and terms that apply to ownership and trades, complimenting support of aviation attorneys.


2023 Forecast

With renewed commitment to the same 3 pillars and sights set on the skies, where will they go next? Here’s a few insights already on the forefront.

Global Growth

  • Gaining market share in Mexico, Latin America, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Expanding presence in Europe with an open role for Regional Sales Manager in the territory. 
  • Extending focus into Helicopters, Turboprops, and Light Jets transactions.

Bench Strength

  • Strengthening footing in Midwest, with Tom Cyr already signed on to lead this charge from a new Chicago office, bringing extensive experience at JSSI.

Technology Investment

  • Launching upgrade of internal technology platform Hal 2.0, focusing on project management execution of trades to support international scale and increased volume.



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