World's Leading Business Aviation Consulting & Brokerage Firm

By Don Dwyer

October 17, 2023

In 22 years at Guardian Jet, we've built the World's Leading Business Aviation Consulting & Brokerage Firm.

Learn how we do it in this exciting video featuring Managing Partners Mike Dwyer and Don Dwyer, or continue reading highlights below.



Consider these numbers:

  • 35 aviation professionals located on 4 continents.
  • Well over 100 transactions per year, totaling over $2 Billion dollars in aircraft value annually. 
  • Last year, we helped buy 25 brand new business aircraft for our clients, and this year it will be more. No one in the world is buying as many aircraft as we are.
  • When it comes to the Fortune 100, we count almost 40% as clients, giving us by far the deepest penetration into that group.

How do we do it? 


First, Everything at Guardian Jet starts with Consulting. Our Consulting earns the right to execute trades for the most sophisticated customers in the world. We look at your aircraft like an asset in a portfolio. We build fleet and capital plans for the largest flight departments in the world.

And for every 1 of those we do, we do 5 to 10 more studies for high net worth individuals. We answer questions like: If I fly 175 hours a year, should I own my own airplane? Should I charter? Should I buy a fraction? If I do own my own, should I charter it? Our Financial Analysis compares these options, and helps our clients understand the cost deltas, and the pros and cons.  


The next pillar of our success is our Bench Strength - our team, it's our people. Among the many advanced degrees, we have 10 Graduate Business Degrees, 3 Certified Public Accountants, 2 Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics. And, since we love flying... we have 9 Flight Instructors!

We created the world's only Trading Floor of it's kind, with Researchers, Inside Salespeople, Acquisition and Technical Experts. The Trading Floor gives our Clients an unmatched advantage in buying and selling aircraft. The information flow around the room is unprecedented. Everything passes through this team, allowing us to accurately provide valuations and appraisals that understand the aircraft, the market it lives in, the direction the market is going, and at what velocity. We sell your aircraft faster, and for more money. We also want to find you the best aircraft when we're acquiring an aircraft for you. This will save you time and it saves you money. We guide you through the inspections, the negotiations, the contract administration - all throughout the transaction.


Along with our people, at Guardian Jet we have developed world-class proprietary products. These include our own Technical Library, Legal Library, Market Surveys, Client Updates, Sales Progressions, and Technical Comparison Reports, to name a few, all in an effort to create processes that eliminate costly mistakes.


Finally, from our beginning, we have strived to become the most transparent brokerage in the world. Everything we do is shared with our clients in real-time and with complete transparency through your Vault. The Vault is a 24/7 proprietary online portal into personalized aviation asset management. Clients see market pricing and project activity at the same speed that our Trading Floor does.


We consistently deliver well-conceived and skillfully executed strategy, in an accessible way.

We are our Clients' Long-Term Strategic Business Partner, and we would love to work with you.


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