Aircraft Broker – Who Should Sell Your Airplane?

By Mike Mikolay

June 21, 2022

Selling an aircraft can be a strenuous process, especially if you, the owner, are taking on that task yourself. An aircraft broker can help you navigate the sales process, avoiding and overcoming obstacles.

A quality aircraft broker is an experienced individual or team comprised of intelligent, trustworthy professionals. In collaboration with you and your team, the broker will help you throughout the entirety of the sale of your aircraft, to include the initial listing to the closing contracts, showings, contract administration, Pre Purchase Inspection, delivery, and closing. 

If you have been thinking about selling your aircraft, you should take the time to seriously consider working in partnership with an aircraft broker. A broker will likely save you time and maximize your return.

What to Look for in a Broker

When searching for a broker, you will want to create a shortlist of possible candidates who are knowledgeable and qualified. If you are questioning the integrity of brokers, you can browse through a list of IADA Certified Aircraft Brokers and Accredited Dealers. This list is made up of the most transparent, experienced brokers that have met a required set of standards, who must be re-accredited every three years after the initial certification.

Once your shortlist of candidates is created, reach out to their previous clients to learn more about the firm and identify whether or not that broker would be a suitable partner for the sale of your aircraft.

When choosing between brokers, you want to ensure the one you select is experienced. A well-versed aircraft broker should be able to avoid the common trouble signs that will occur throughout a transaction, experience is what allows these brokers to do just that. A trustworthy broker or team of brokers is crucial to the success of your transaction.

Evaluate which type of aircraft the broker typically deals with. It would make the most sense to find a broker that has the proper experience selling the same class and category as the aircraft you are selling. There are some brokers who specialize in selling a specific class of aircraft, while others transact across a wide variety of models.

The size of a brokerage is another factor you want to take into consideration when selecting a firm. There are pros and cons to both large brokerage firms and smaller firms. A large firm with plenty of listings will surely have the experience and knowhow to complete a smooth transaction. However, in a one-person shop, you will know exactly who is handling your aircraft and fielding all its calls. Selecting a larger broker typically allows you to get the benefit of a larger, more diverse team. 

What an Aircraft Broker Does for You

Your aircraft broker is tasked with the valuation of your airplane and listing it on the market. They should take into account the recent sales and aircraft in the same category and class that are on the market. The transaction history of an aircraft broker can affect how your airplane is priced. You want a broker who will give you an accurate estimate.

An aircraft broker’s marketing campaign is crucial to the sale of your airplane. Your broker should do everything they are capable of to get your listing in front of prospective buyers while marketing the aircraft. A great understanding of the market and its fluctuating trends is required when showcasing the highlighted features of your aircraft. A reputable brokerage should have an immense amount of connections as they are frequently in close conversation with manufacturers, maintenance technicians, service centers, bankers, and attorneys.

Guardian Jet’s Approach to Selling

Guardian Jet believes you should begin thinking about how to prepare your aircraft for sale before you even purchase it. There are a number of factors that affect the eventual valuation price that you should be aware of. This should be done so that when you do get around to selling your aircraft in the future, the airplane will sell for the maximum amount of money, in the least amount of time.

Selling your aircraft in the least amount of time possible is a crucial factor in Guardian Jet’s brokerage philosophy. This is because those aircraft that go to contract in the first ninety days of being listed, sell for a higher percentage of their estimated value, than those that take longer to sell.

The easiest way to think about preparing your aircraft for sale is to reflect on the market as if you are a buyer. If you were in the market for an aircraft of this class and category, what would make it attractive to you?

When it comes to selling aircraft, Guardian Jet utilizes an in-house sales force to remain one step ahead of the sales process. Guardian Jet’s goal is to maximize the value you receive for your aircraft, and to do so in the shortest time possible. To include:

  • Research
  • A&P Mechanics 
  • Contract Administration
  • Sales  Executives

Bench Strength – Guardian Jet’s bench strength is a true differentiator. With thirty-five employees, Guardian Jet’s team has ten individuals who are constantly out in the field earning new business. Everyone else on Guardian Jet’s team is working to ensure you have a flawless transaction and quality experience. Guardian Jet has an entire team of people who will really help you have the best transaction possible.

Sales Call Center – Inquiries on your aircraft will be fielded by Guardian Jet’s highly trained inside sales team, operating on a twelve-person trading floor. The sales team is capable of immediately answering any questions about your aircraft and can provide potential buyers with requested documents, such as the specifications and pricing on competing aircraft. Following a mandatory 7-Touch Process, the inside sales team bolsters the marketing of your aircraft.

Vault Subscription – With such a dynamic market, you will want all the data you can get, and you will want to receive it in a comprehensible format. The Vault provides you with the tools to monitor all of your sales activity in real time, 24/7/365. You will also have access to contracts, offer letters, pre-buy inspections, and a range of other useful documents within the Vault.


Selling your aircraft to the smartest, toughest buyers in the world, remains to be a demanding process, even with the advancements of online selling tools. Consider partnering with an aircraft broker before starting the transaction process by yourself. A broker can ultimately save you time and sell your aircraft at a higher value.

If you would like to learn more about the sales process, or are interested in requesting a sales consultation with Guardian Jet, call us at +1 203-453-0800.

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