Curtis McCauley - Aircraft Acquisitions

Curtis McCauley

Aircraft Acquisitions

Curtis McCauley ("Curt") is one of the members of Guardian Jet's market research team. In his role, Curt is responsible for ensuring the quality and reliability of all the information collected from our proprietary market surveys.

Curt and the rest of the market research team, cover over 120 different aircraft markets to determine details about current aircraft for sale and their valuation. Curt tracks Guardian Jet's Textron market research. He also monitors aircraft sales and helps Guardian Jet identify new opportunities for aircraft acquisitions. 

Before Curt joined Guardian Jet's market research team, he graduated from University of Connecticut, with a degree in liberal arts and science. Curt has worked for several small businesses and nonprofit startups, where he garnered prior sales experience that has helped him transition into his role here at Guardian Jet.